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At Feynman Group, our business is technology. With a focus on sincere, human relationships, industry-leading products, and superiority in service, Feynman Group helps businesses prosper through their use of the internet and associated technologies. We maintain our commitment to integrity, consistency, and creativity through all of our services, from networking to collaboration, web design, digital marketing, and beyond. Contact us to find out how we’ll solve your business’s technology problems.


Expert network architecture, maintenance, and monitoring ensures all of your hardware and software are securely connected and performing flawlessly.


Artistically constructed websites, custom applications, and unforgettable user-experiences all begin with brilliant code.


Amplify your visibility across the web and reach those seeking you out across the digital space.

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SEO Cannibalization

SEO Cannibalization is when websites compete with their own keywords and content for traffic across search engines. This can be highly detrimental to them for two reasons: Search Engine crawlers will be confused on how to effectively index and rank websites in results Users themselves will be confused on which search result link to choose, […]

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