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Google to Penalize Non-Mobile Websites in Search Results

by Mark Tschetter

Posted on 2015-03-20 20:52:49

Mobile phone google search“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

-Google Webmaster Central Blog, 2/26/15

If you needed any more reason to optimize your website for mobile devices, Google will begin penalizing websites that do not offer tablet and phone users a seamless experience. Since November 2014, Google has already been distinguishing mobile-friendly sites in search results, however the latest changes will specifically rank mobile-friendly sites higher than non-mobile-friendly pages when users search from their phones or tablets.

This so-called “Mobilegeddon” is not the first time Google has significantly changed its algorithms to cater to the mobile web. Back in June 2013, Google posted a similar announcement to their Webmaster Central Blog which included some common errors and how to correct them. The latest announcement is likely another sign of what’s to come as the mobile web market continues to soar and as wearables find their place as an emerging technology.

Many websites are taking advantage of responsive and adaptive web design practices in order to maintain a consistent user experience across devices. Sites that are designed with mobile in mind also eliminate the need for separate desktop and mobile versions, offering the best of both worlds. For a solid demonstration of some common responsive and adaptive design principles, Fast Company’s article brilliantly illustrates the idea with simple visuals. If you’d like to learn more about how Google’s changes will affect you or how you can enhance your website for mobile users, contact a member of Feynman Group’s digital marketing team.


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Developing web content with relative units is one technique associated with responsive design. Courtesy of Fast Company


MiFitLife iPhone App Launches in iTunes

by Feynman Group

Posted on 2013-06-19 20:56:30

Feynman Group is proud to have worked with Dick Brown and the MiFitLife team to develop a truly unique fitness mobile app for the iPhone and iPad.

MiFitLife is for people who want to make physical activity a part of their lives.  It is physical activity guidance unique to YOU.  It will help you enjoy the benefits of physical activity…the real miracle drug.

Developed and patented by Dr. Richard Brown, PhD: exercise physiologist, high school and college teacher, fitness guidance counselor, and coach of 8 Olympians.  MiFitLife incorporates over 40 years of research and testing to create a personalized physical activity program based upon how efficiently your body uses oxygen.

Simply answer the 17-question Fitness Profile that will accurately determine your ability to use oxygen (VO2Max) and MiFitLife will set the Week 1 Starting Goal (VO2 Points) for your flexible 13-week programs.  Record you physical activity and see how close you are to achieving your weekly goal.  You can do any activity you want as long as it involves movement: from walking and running to lifting and games to housework and gardening.
Here’s How:
1.    Answer 17 Short questions about your physical characteristics and lifestyle determine your fitness level and weekly activity goals.
2.    Do any physical activity you want.  Enter the time and intensity into your Activity Log.
3.    MiFitLife scores the activity and shows how close you are to Your Weekly Goal.
4.    At the end of the week, MiFitLife sets your next personal, realistic Weekly Goal.

“MiFitLife holds great promise as a way to motivate people to get the benefits of exercise.”
Dr. Barbara Drinkwater, Past President, American College of Sports Medicine

“The data input is quite simple and the system will provide a constant monitoring of an individual’s efforts and progression.”
Dr. Stanley James, Slocum Orthopedic Clinic, Eugene , Oregon.

“Individuals are encouraged to choose a variety of activities.  This is important to older individuals who can benefit activity a part of their daily lives.”
Brad Roy, PhD, Oregon Heart Center, Eugene, Oregon

“And then I learned the beauty of MiFitLife.  It fits everybody.  People at every level benefit because everyone has the same problem – when am I exercising too little and when am I exercising too much?  Dr. Brown has invented a way to measure your body’s response to any activity, and then use that information to keep you active.”
Covert Bailey, Author – Fit or Fat    and Lecturer – National Public Broadcasting

MiFitLife is the personal program you need to answer the question, “How much activity is right for you?”  How much activity will improve your fitness, help you feel better and keep you motivated?

MiFitLife changes as you change.

Buy it once – have it, and all upgrades, for life.

Being active is an important part of life.

MiFitLife is a tool that amplifies your ability to make and keep physical activity a part of your life.

To Get the App go here >>


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