Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

The Problem: Dangerous Malware

Due to the increasingly aggressive and sophisticated nature of today’s malware, businesses are no longer asking themselves “if” they’ll be breached, but “when.” The sudden rise of ransomware has revealed alarming statistics about the acute security threats that businesses now face. Point-in-time detection is no longer enough to successfully avoid these dynamic attacks. In order to achieve a truly secure network, businesses are in need of a more comprehensive software protection plan.

The Solution: Cisco AMP

Cisco AMP is the only Network AMP system that protects your business before, during and after an attack, making it the most robust form of malware protection available. Cisco AMP employs global threat intelligence to fortify your network’s defenses before an infiltration even occurs. During a network breach, it identifies and blocks the attack using a powerful combination of intelligence, file signatures and advanced malware analysis. After an attacker infiltrates your network, Cisco AMP arms your security team with a clear view of the malware’s origin, its method and point of entry, where it’s been, and its current trajectory. This combination of point-in-time and retrospective security make it possible to discover, confine, and dissolve the threat fast enough to protect your business from irreversible damage.
Using Cisco AMP gives your business access to a wide selection of security features, including:

  • Filtering out policy-violating files from the Internet, e-mails, and more
  • Detecting and protecting against client-side exploit attempts and exploit attempts aimed at client applications like Java and Flash
  • Recognizing, blocking, and analyzing malicious files
  • Identifying malware patterns and anticipating potentially breached devices
  • Tracking malware’s spread and communications
  • Alleviating threats of reinfection
The force and frequency of malware attacks pose an undeniable threat to the security of your business. At Feynman Group, we’re committed to providing businesses with the very best in network security. That’s why we have proudly partnered with Cisco AMP—to offer you unparalleled malware prevention and protection so that you can spend less time battling malware, and more time running your business.