Make Collaboration Easier Than Ever

with Cisco’s Key Expansion Module.

Boost the capabilities of your Cisco IP Phone 8851, 8861, or Cisco IP Phone 8865 model with this sleek key expansion module. It has been carefully crafted for receptionists, administrative staff, managers, and executives alike. With the Key Expansion Module’s additional buttons and impressive LCD color display, you can create the ultimate communications system for your business.

Hardware Deliverables

The Key Expansion Module gives you single-button access to the people and features you use most, making workplace communication easier than ever. Its additional keys give you the power to customize directory numbers, speed dial, and other programmable feature keys. Depending upon the IP Phone model, you can connect up to two or three Key Expansion Modules to suit your business’ needs.

Hardware Deliverables

Cisco’s Key Expansion Module boasts a series of practical features as well as a sleek and modern design. Plus, you can rest easy knowing it’s protected by Cisco’s standard 1 year warranty. Some of its main deliverables include the following:

  • 18 physical, programmable LED line and feature keys per module
  • Illuminated page buttons allow you to shift between first and second page of 18 buttons for a total of 36 keys
  • Large, high-resolution, backlit color display
  • Power save to reduce off-hours energy use
  • Foot stand and connective hardware for easy setup alongside your phone
  • Adjustable brightness

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Specifications at a Glance

Attribute Specification
Physical-programmable line and feature keys 18 per module
Software-programmable line and feature keys 18 (through page 2 key) per module
Total programmable line and feature keys 36 per module
Number of key modules supported 8851 model: up to 2
8861 model: up to 3
8865 model: up to 3
Power Power over Ethernet (PoE) and power cube (configuration and feature-dependent when using PoE)
Display 4.3 inches (109.2 mm) color, 480 x 272 pixel