The Cisco IP Phone 8821

Empower Your Mobile Workforce.

Mobilize the power of Cisco Unified Communications. The Cisco IP Wireless Phone 8821 and 8821-EX models grant your active workforce the freedom they need, plus the high-quality Wi-Fi Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capabilities they want. Employees on the go were looking for a reliable, secure, and high-quality roaming communications system—and Cisco delivered.

Cisco IP Wireless Phone 8821 & 8821-EX

These models boast sealed, ruggedized exteriors and extended-life batteries. They were strategically designed to suit employees who are mobile, don’t have an assigned desk, or share a desk with others. They are ideal for professionals in the following industries

  • Healthcare: doctors, nurses, technicians
  • Retail: customer service representatives, help desk, IT staff
  • Manufacturing, Oil, and Chemical: managerial, engineering, and operations staff
  • Emergency Response: public sector personnel
IP Phone IP Phone

Hardware Features

Tough, resilient hardware makes these products perfect for your mobile workforce. They can handle water, dust, and drops. Both products are armed with:

  • Water immersion up to 1 meter
  • Dust-tight resistance
  • Military-standard exterior for added shock resistance
  • Removable, swappable, and chargeable batteries
  • Bluetooth for hands-free communications
  • Supports popular applications
  • Optional accessories (desktop and multi-unit chargers, cases, belt clips, etc.)

IT Service Features

These wireless phone systems also provide your active employees with high-quality VoIP technology, including (but not limited to):

  • WLAN networking protocol support
  • USB-to-Ethernet dongle
  • Strong encryption for enhanced security
  • Common Phone OS with other 8800 Series endpoints

The Cisco IP Phone 8821-EX builds upon the 8821 with industry-standard yellow plastics to further protect against dust, dirt, water, and chemicals. This model even comes with non-sparking support to handle temporary exposure in combustible environments.

Feynman Group is dedicated to providing businesses throughout Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon with superior IT solutions to their business technology problems. If you’re looking for a way to increase collaboration and communication abilities within your mobile workforce, then give our IT experts a call today to learn more about the Cisco IP Phone 8821 and 8821-EX!

Specifications at a Glance

Attribute Specification
Display 2.4-in (6 cm) color graphical TFTP
Speakerphone Yes; full duplex
Bluetooth; 4.0
WLAN networking protocols 802.11a,b,g, n, ac
Battery rechargeable / talk time Yes; talk time: 13 hours; standby: 240 hours
Applications support Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Accessories Desktop and multi-chargers, belt clips, handset cases, lanyards, holsters