Cisco Jabber

Simplify communications

What is Communication Really Costing You?

Communication is crucial in business, but you could be wasting valuable time running back and forth between offices or trying to navigate different voice, video, and messaging programs. Plus, you run the risk of interrupting important client meetings or disrupting employees at inopportune times. When it comes to communicating with customers, it’s easy to rack up expensive phone and travel bills. In response to these problems, Cisco created a comprehensive solution capable of delivering outstanding communication abilities, without all of the complications.

Cut Out Complications with Cisco Jabber

Make communication with colleagues, customers, and partners a breeze with Cisco Jabber. This product gives you immediate access to voice and video calls, presence, instant messaging, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and multiparty conferencing. With Jabber, you can easily see which employees are free to talk and customize your availability status. It even automatically updates your availability if you’re on the phone or in a meeting. Jabber also functions seamlessly with other web applications and Microsoft Office.

Plus, these features travel with you when you leave the office—Jabber keeps you connected on any device, regardless of location. Stay connected and access Jabber’s multiple features with your smartphone, Mac, PC, or iPad. You can even join in on telepresence meetings when you’re gone. It’s never been easier to keep your office connected, thanks to this unified communications system.

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