Cisco Spark

Ignite Collaboration with Cisco’s Spark

Businesses thrive on collaboration. Teamwork and communication, both within and outside of your organization, can be powerful. When people, ideas, and goals come together, your business has nearly unlimited potential. However, that potential is cut short if you aren’t equipped with the proper collaboration tools.

Cisco Spark unifies all of your communications with one, fully-featured service. By seamlessly uniting messaging, meetings, and calls, Spark gives your team what they need to instantly join forces in a secure and reliable way. It uses the Cisco Collaboration Cloud to empower you with the ability to message, meet, and call anyone—anywhere, anytime.

  • Message

    Easily start a conversation with your team to share files, swap project ideas, and stay informed. Cisco Spark’s messaging is completely secure, so you can conduct important business, worry-free. With this product’s message capabilities, your team can spend less time catching everyone up and more time getting stuff done.

  • Meet

    Video meetings with Spark make it a breeze to collaborate with your team. Through video, you create a more personal connection and gain crystal clear communication. Instantly start a video conference on your desktop or use the free Cisco Spark app on your phone for a video meeting outside of the office. Screen sharing makes it easier than ever to work on the same thing at the same time with your colleagues. The Cisco Spark Room System also lets you video-enable your work spaces or set up an in-person meeting in your conference room.

  • Call

    Never miss a call with Cisco Spark. Your contacts and call history are flawlessly synced across all devices, so you’re ready to answer important calls whether you’re at your desk to answer your Cisco IP Phone or using the Cisco Spark app on your mobile phone. Better yet, Cisco Spark’s set up and administration is a breeze.

Feynman Group has teamed up with Cisco to offer the very finest in IT solutions for businesses throughout Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon. With Cisco Spark message, meet, and call features, your business can collaborate efficiently and effectively. Give our IT professionals a call today to learn more about how your business can benefit from Cisco Spark!