Cisco Spark Board

Collaboration in the workplace is vital. But if you want a great conference experience, your business has to dish out serious funds for high-end technology. On the other hand, if you want video conferencing without breaking the budget, you have to settle for a lousy experience. This has been a glaring gap in the collaboration technology market for years—until now, that is. Cisco just released the perfect remedy. Feynman is proud to introduce the businesses of Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon to the brand new Cisco Spark Board.

Cisco Spark Board makes it easy to collaborate during virtual meetings. Ask an IT expert

Your All-in-One Solution

The cloud-based Spark Board is a screen-sharing presentation tool, videoconferencing display, and digital whiteboard—all in one sleek package. Forget about jumbling projectors, speakerphones, video screens and whiteboards. With the Spark Board, everything you could possibly need is built into one stunning screen.

Cutting-Edge Technology

This isn’t your typical middle school whiteboard. This digital whiteboard is interactive, meaning all parties can draw on it at the same time, regardless of location. Plus, Spark automatically saves your whiteboard work for easy reviewing. The Spark Board boasts the same multi-touch screen technology as smartphones and tablets for a flawless experience, meaning you can write on the screen with your finger or Cisco’s marker-inspired stylus without lag time or distracting pixels. With its 4K video camera, you can display the entire room through the wide-angle mode or opt for the short-range setting to focus on the presenter during a videoconference. Fifteen microphones find and isolate the voice of the teammate who is currently talking for a superior audio experience.

Effortless Set-Up

Cisco carefully crafted the Spark Board so that anyone can use it. Forget about endless cables, Bluetooth, and calling in the AV team. With this product, it’s simple: approach the screen carrying your computer, smartphone, or tablet with Spark. The devices use ultrasonic signals to pair up. The Spark Board will greet you, and all it takes is the press of a “Share” button. Just like that, you’re presenting on screen.

Inspired Collaboration

With the Spark Board, you can be in on the action whether you’re presenting, sitting across the room, or viewing from the other side of the globe. It has never been easier, or more affordable, to collaborate. Here at Feynman Group, we are excited to offer organizations across Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon premier collaboration technology at a shockingly budget-friendly price. Give our seasoned IT professionals a call today to learn more about how you can make every meeting a success with the Cisco Spark Board.

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Specifications at a Glance

Attribute Specification
Camera 4k resolution, wide-angle and short-range
Audio Volume and position adjustment for tracking voices, 15 built-in microphones
Spark Technology Uses the Cloud and Spark App
Display 4k panel, wall-mountable, 55-inch screen
Touch-screen Capacitive multi-touch
Accessories Stand, stylus