Cisco VoIP

Phone service simplified.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology simply refers phone services over the internet. By directing your voice communications through your internet network, you can eliminate your need for additional phone service providers which means you save money. Flexibility is the key to VoIP systems, giving them many advantages over traditional phone services. The following are just a few of the possibilities.


VoIP allows you to receive voicemails in email, to your smartphone, or to another mobile device.


You can connect remote employees (telecommuters, outside sales, techs, etc.) to your company phone system through site-to-site extension dialing.


Long-distance calling charges disappear with VoIP solutions.

Feynman Group offers a range of different technologies to suit your business' specific needs, however we tend to favor Cisco's Unified Communications (UC) platform for a variety of reasons. Cisco's UC is cost-effective, reliable, and versatile. One server can handle up to 300 users per site, and their modest physical footprint allows for easy storage. Plus, it can be set up in PBX, key system, or hybrid modes to mimic your current system, reducing your team's learning curve. Contact our Feynman Group staff for a friendly, clear, and understandable conversation to get all of the details.