Access everything everywhere


Cloud computing is a term that gets thrown around a lot with much ambiguity. The reality is that "the Cloud" is actually quite a simple concept. The Cloud simply refers to software and services that run on the Internet instead of on a local computer. Think of it like an immensely large computer hard drive where you can access your files and programs from any other computer. You may store your photo library in the cloud so that you can take pictures on your phone, edit them on your laptop, then post them to your social media page with your tablet on-the-go. You may start watching a movie on Netflix during your morning commute, then finish it on your smart TV when you get home.

Feynman Group can help your business utilize the Cloud in a number of ways. You may want to store files and data in the Cloud so that every member of your team has access, eliminating the need to email attachments back and forth many times a day. Similarly, you may want to store important information in the Cloud as a backup, in case anything should happen to your local files. Maybe you just want to be able to seamlessly access your emails and schedules from your computer, phone, and tablet. Whatever your Cloud computing needs, Feynman Group will help you configure all of your hardware and software, ensure everything is running smooth at all times, and maintain your data with the highest levels of security and privacy. Call us to learn more about how Cloud computing will improve your business' efficiency.