Prevent Disaster With Secured Server Infrastructure


Keep Your Servers Safe with Colocation

Servers are the steam engines that power your company. If they go down, so do your business operations—and consequentially, your profits. That’s why it’s so important to protect your servers against the many threats that come their way, from natural disasters to virtual attacks. Luckily, Feynman Group has your back.

Colocation is an effective strategy that protects your servers and equipment within a fortified, fully secure facility. These facilities provide the power, cooling, space, and security that you need, easily and affordably. While your premises can leave your server vulnerable to fires, earthquakes, physical damage, and cyber-attacks, collocating protects your business servers from these dangers. Here at Feynman Group, our data center is fully equipped with a comprehensive set of safety and security systems that are capable of guarding your servers against any conceivable threat. This method is key to dodging downtime, costly repairs, and upset customers.

We offer colocation services for business of all sizes across Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon. Whether you have a single server, or an entire rack of equipment, we can ensure it’s safe and secure. Our network architecture is unrivaled in the Willamette Valley, with an infrastructure that can offer you superior reliability, scalable capacity, and optimal performance. All systems—including power management, environmental, and network architecture—have dependable backup systems.

When you collocate with Feynman Group, you can rest assured knowing your servers are properly safeguarded. Call our team today to learn more about how colocation can benefit your business!