Data Protection & Data Recovery

Businesses today are acquiring more data than ever. This data is invaluable as it allows businesses to observe, analyze, manage, and optimize operations like never before. Unfortunately, this wealth of information comes at a cost—greater risk of data loss, data corruption, and ransomware.

At Feynman Group, we provide businesses with some of the finest data protection opportunities across Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon. We offer an assortment of data protection services, including regular data backup and emergency data recovery. Between our Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), our IT support team has the expertise to ensure your business is protected in any emergency situation.

Safeguard Your Data with Datto

In order to fulfill our mission of giving businesses the best data protection possible, Feynman Group has partnered with Datto to provide more robust backup and disaster recovery solutions. Datto provides tailored services to businesses of all sizes, ranging from Datto ALTO for small businesses to Datto SIRIS for larger enterprises. Its solutions are simple to implement, easy to use, and crucial for your data’s protection.

Datto defends your business against a wide range of network security threats, including IT disasters and malicious software. This dependable data backup plan can provide your business with the security solutions needed to avoid detrimental data loss if disaster strikes. With Datto, you can rest easy knowing your business is supported by the best in information backup and recovery.

Interested in how Datto can best protect your business? Check out our Datto products, and give us a call today!