Call In the Crew for Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and with so many big things happening in the tech industry right now, Feynman Group wants to help you clean out those cobwebs with an eDeal double-header! We're offering 2 full eDeals this time around, valid for 2 full months! Until May 31st, we want to help you spruce up your website in preparation of Google's upcoming mobile changes, as well as clean out your servers as Microsoft approaches the Windows Server 2003 end of support phase.

Organize and Uncover Your Website

Google recently announced that, beginning April 21st, websites which are not mobile-friendly will be penalized with lower rankings in its search results. As the industry pacesetter, Google carries a tremendous amount of weight in the visibility of your website, and as the prominence of the mobile web continues to grow, sites can no longer afford to remain non-mobile-friendly. Even sites that have put concerted effort toward search engine optimization (SEO) will be penalized if they are not mobile-friendly.

In preparation of the April 21st deadline, when you let Feynman Group redesign your website to be mobile-responsive, we'll include one month of search engine optimization FREE, up to a $500 value! Our SEO services include keyword research, technical troubleshooting/correcting, and much more to organically improve your website's search engine ranking. See our recent post for more info on Google's fast-approaching mobile shift.

Windows Server 2003 House Cleaning

If you're still running Windows Server 2003 on your systems, a little Spring Cleaning is absolutely in order. Starting July 14th, Microsoft will no longer support the 2003 server operating systems, leaving machines still running the twelve-year-old OS at serious risk. After Microsoft ceases support, Windows Server 2003 systems will no longer receive vital security updates, and many applications will no longer be compatible with the obsolete software.

Because you can't afford to lose your valuable data, Feynman Group will help you figure out how to tidy up your server architecture for FREE with our Windows Server 2003 Upgrade Assessment! We will evaluate and assess your current server environment for things like application and hardware compatibility, user-specific necessities, and data security, then build a customized Migration Plan absolutely FREE! Our Windows Server 2003 Upgrade Assessment is valued up to $500 and it's 100% obligation-free.
Read our post on the Windows Server 2003 end of support phase for more info. Contact us now for a hand with your Spring Cleaning!

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