Your webstore should reflect your individuality


Every eCommerce platform is unique. When deciding which platform is the right choice for your webstore, you have a lot to think about; after all, your business is unique. Will your web store require customer accounts? Which shipping options will your site offer? Does your eCommerce platform incorporate social media services? The truth is, no packaged eCommerce solution will run the way your business' process does for the same reason that one size rarely fits all.

Feynman Group decided the only real solution was to develop our own custom eCommerce platform: Tuva. Our eCommerce content management system is designed to be modified for any caveat your webstore may present. Tuva eCommerce offers unlimited product sub-attribute designation, UPS, USPS, and FedEx integration, secure Authorize.Net payment systems, and a host of other features to truly tailor-make your website. Avoid disappointing cookie-cutter templates and use the eCommerce solution that gives your customers a genuinely unique online shopping experience.