Feynman Group Joins Forces with Tyndale Advisors & Orgill, Inc.


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Eugene-based Tech Firm Feynman Group Strengthens Offering by Joining Forces with Tyndale Advisors, Orgill, Inc.

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene-based technology solutions provider Feynman Group announced that it is officially joining forces with Tyndale Advisors, a retail-focused marketing and business services organization with offices in downtown Eugene and Collierville, Tennessee.

Tyndale Advisors is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orgill, Inc., the world’s largest independently owned distributor of hardware and building materials with more than $3 billion in annual revenue. Headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee, Orgill provides retail products and services to locally owned hardware and home improvement retailers throughout the U.S., Canada and around the world. 

The new business arrangement between Feynman Group and Tyndale Advisors became official on Jan. 1, however the companies had worked together for many years on a variety of projects.

This long-term working relationship and both companies’ shared passion for supporting small business and locally owned companies helped cement the concept of the two groups becoming even more closely aligned.

“As we got to know each other over the years, this entire relationship just made more and more sense,” says Scotty McConnell, president of Feynman Group, who will now serve as vice president of retail and dealer technology with Tyndale Advisors. “Aside from the unique skill sets that we bring to the table with our core competencies in technology, our companies share other common traits when it comes to culture. We are all fiercely passionate about customer service and we are also fiercely passionate about helping small business owners better level the playing field to compete more effectively with corporate behemoths.”

Projects that Feynman Group had worked on with Tyndale Advisors and Orgill in the past include everything from helping conceive and create retail-facing websites to developing technology solutions designed to streamline store operations. Most recently, Feynman Group was instrumental in helping Orgill and Tyndale launch the company’s first-ever online buying event that was powered by an entirely proprietary platform called e-Volution.

This two-week buying event brought together retailers from around the world with manufacturers and service providers, and was very successful. Feynman Group played an instrumental role in the development of the platform and interface that set a new standard for online events in the industry.

“A lot of tech companies would not have been willing to tackle a project of this size and scope, especially on the timeline we were up against, but Feynman Group wasn’t just willing to do it, they shared a vision with us on how we could achieve our goals and how it would set us up for success in the future,” says Phillip Walker, president of Tyndale Advisors. 

Feynman Group has a long history of helping companies like Tyndale Advisors and Orgill harness technology to achieve their operational goals. 

“Working with Tyndale and Orgill on their Online Buying Event was a good example of how we work with all of our customers. It was kind of that magical line between a project being so challenging but also so near impossible to achieve that our team just wants to tackle it,” says Chris Schreiber, an applications architect with Feynman Group. “We appreciated the vision of what they were trying to accomplish and that was fun. We knew we weren’t completing a website, we were developing a tech-based system designed to get something done. When you build a system and not a product, you can scale that system and grow it to meet more and more needs down the road.”

Moving forward, the Feynman team will be working directly with Tyndale and Orgill on even more challenging projects, all designed to help the companies empower small business owners and provide them with even more resources to compete in today’s marketplace.

“Feynman Group is a great partner for us to have on our side,” says Marc Hamer, Orgill’s executive vice president, chief information and technology officer. “Not only did they have a strong knowledge about working with Tyndale and Orgill, but you combine that with their knowledge of working with other small businesses and it’s a unique combination. Plus, the technology minds and vision that they bring to the table will help us accelerate everything we want to achieve and ultimately help us make our retail customers more successful.”

In addition to helping Tyndale and Orgill shift their technology-fueled vision into high gear, Feynman Group also sees their new relationship benefitting their existing clients, whom they will continue to serve.

“Just like scale is so important for small businesses to be able to achieve, the same is true with companies like Feynman Group,” says McConnell. “As a small- to mid-sized technology company, you can be hampered by a lack of resources. By allying with a company like Tyndale (and Orgill), we immediately open the gates to a wide range of resources that we can rely on to better serve all of our customers.”

McConnell goes on to state that he hopes this new arrangement with Tyndale will ultimately create more opportunities for the tech community in Eugene. 

“Both Tyndale and Orgill are companies on serious growth trajectories, and as technology helps promote that growth, we think that will be an even greater need to add to our teams,” he says.

In fact, Feynman Group is not the first local company to join forces with Tyndale Advisors and Orgill. The Polaris Group, a locally owned marketing company, also joined Tyndale Advisors in 2014 after a long history of collaboration. 

“We see this new relationship with Feynman Group as a major step forward for all of our organizations and one that will help us better bridge the technology divide that so many small businesses are facing,” says Orgill’s Hamer. “We see this as a win-win for everyone involved.”

About Orgill:

Orgill, the industry’s fastest-growing hardlines distributor, was founded in 1847 and is headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee. Orgill serves more than 11,000 retail hardware stores, home centers, professional lumber dealers and farm stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in over 50 countries around the world. More information can be found at www.orgill.com.

About Tyndale Advisors: 

Tyndale Advisors has offices in Collierville, Tennessee, and Eugene, Oregon, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orgill, Inc. Tyndale Advisors provides management, marketing, and consulting services to independent home-improvement retailers. More information can be found at www.tyndaleadvisors.com.

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