Internet Explorer Users Beware

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Internet Explorer On the heels of ending service updates to Windows XP users on April 8th, warning of a security flaw within Internet Explorer could allow hackers to gain full user permissions over your computer. Although Microsoft states they are doing all they can to solve the issue, according to Symantec Corp., an internet security firm, researcher Christian Tripputi claims, “XP users are not safe anymore, and this is the first vulnerability that will be not patched for their system.” In other words, any user still with XP will be out of luck when it comes to security corrections from the big tech company, and are advised to stay away from Internet Explorer.

On the Brightside, there is still hope. Although post-XP users can expect a direct update from Microsoft within the next few weeks, in order to help mitigate corruption, there are still roundabout methods to avoid harm that can apply to everyone. The most prevalent method involves switching browsers. Both Firefox and Chrome are wonderful alternatives that still support Windows XP users. However, if using Internet Explorer is still a necessity, Microsoft is providing some more advanced methods to help mitigate damage, which can be found here. For additional resources and advice, it is highly advised to jump on over to Symantec.




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