IT Security

Why You Need Information Technology Security

Thanks to advancements in Information Technology (IT), businesses have dramatically expanded their potential for growth, innovation, and profitability. Unfortunately, these advancements have also opened the door to a flood of new IT network security threats and disasters.

Information systems contain the data that enables your business to operate reliably, efficiently, and competitively in today’s high-tech environment. They also store sensitive files and personal information. As this information becomes increasingly integral to business operations, network attacks have become more frequent and costly than ever before.

Attackers use ransomware, other forms of malware, and straightforward theft to compromise your valuable business information. That information is also vulnerable to accidental and natural incidents, such as unintentionally deleted files and natural disasters. An IT failure can have tough consequences, including lost sales, disrupted operations, and damaged customer relationships. The fate of a modern-day business is closely intertwined with the vitality of its information systems, so protecting your network is no longer an option—it’s a necessity.

IT Security with Feynman Group

Feynman Group delivers industry-leading IT security products to businesses throughout Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon. We offer a robust series of network security options so that you can have comprehensive malware protection, secure any device in any location, reliably back up data, and recover data in case of an emergency.


Cisco AMP: Malware Protection
OpenDNS: Security Without Boundaries
Datto: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Cisco Firepower 5500-X series, Cisco ASA with Firepower

Data is a key asset for any business. At Feynman Group, protecting that asset is our specialty and passion. By anticipating your business’ vulnerabilities and providing sensible IT security solutions, we are giving you the necessary defenses to protect your data in any disaster scenario. Whether your network gets breached, Internet is down, or data backups get lost, you can rest easy knowing our onsite IT team is here to address any emergency with unmatched IT support and personalized service. Check out our IT security products above and give us a call today!