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The mobile web opened up a whole new world for users to access information, and the prominence of mobile phones and tablets cannot be denied. Businesses that fail to acknowledge mobile users risk losing out on valuable exposure to interested customers. You have options when it comes to deciding what type of mobile presence your business should occupy. Is it enough to optimize your current website for mobile use? Is a separate mobile website necessary? When you need to immerse your mobile customers in a completely unique experience, our developers at Feynman Group will create your very own mobile application. Mobile apps are the perfect solution when your content isn't necessarily best suited for browser-based interaction, or apps can be used to compliment your products or services.

The best mobile apps put user experience above all else, which can be tricky. With so many variables like different device display sizes, varying app stores or marketplaces, and both iOS and Android operating systems, it's enough to make your head spin. Thankfully, our developers have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your app functions properly on every device without compromising elegant design. Because your web audience is more diverse than ever before, we'll help you meet them wherever they are.