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Paid search marketing refers to the process of gaining web exposure by purchasing ads on search engines. While organic search development often takes a concentrated effort over the course of months, paid search engine marketing delivers an immediately visible platform to promote your business. Paid search services are also surprisingly economical. There are several services to choose from, each with unique advantages. Our voluminous experience allows us to craft precise SEM campaigns designed to reach your target audience. We will work with you to establish a reasonable budget, develop ad copy, and track ROI.

Paid Search

Bing Ads and Google's AdWords are both viable keyword-based pay-per-click (PPC) solutions. The idea is simple; when people conduct a search on Google or Bing, ads which have matching keywords to those search terms are shown within the search results. This includes Google and Bing search engines, as well as their affiliates like AOL, Yahoo!, Earthlink,, and more. The goal is to include relevant and strategic keywords in your ad, which redirects to a page on your website. The process gets a bit complex, but Feynman Group's digital marketing experts will make sure to handle the details so that you see the results.

We start by conducting keyword research to identify popular keywords, as well as keyword "niches" where bid costs are lower. Different factors determine how search engines rank your ads, so we will tweak the specifics to maximize your quality score, resulting in cheaper placement for you. Other factors to consider include network and geographic distribution, both of which affect who will see your ads. After developing several variations on your ad, we test new copy each month to determine which version is the most effective. Placements are an optional addition or alternative to keyword targeting, where you may place your ads directly on websites that are a part of the Google or Bing networks, regardless of keyword or search content. Finally, after your ads go live, you only pay when web searchers click your link, meaning you aren't charged if you don't get results.


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