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The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve your website's placement in organic search listings for the keywords that are most relevant to your products and services. When potential customers make a Google search, shouldn't your website be found? The process is intensive and it takes time to go beyond SEO basics, but the results ultimately bolster your brand, increase your website traffic, and improve your bottom-line. Keeping up with ever changing search engine algorithms can seem like an insurmountable challenge for businesses that don't specialize in search engine optimization, however an effective campaign requires consistent effort. At Feynman Group, our specialty is tracking industry trends, and we offer this expertise to you.

Our Search Engine Optimization services include:


Our digital marketing team will audit the health of your site and highlight areas of improvement which include:

  • Technical Analysis - Evaluate your site for code-level search engine compatibility issues, & recommend solutions.
  • Content Strategy - Recommend proper site content needed to drive search engine rankings & traffic.
  • Keyword Targeting - Analyze missing keyword targets.
  • Links - Explore linking structure through your site, & provide feedback that will maximize user experience as well as improve search engine ranking factors.
  • Visibility - Errors dealing with accessibility to your site by search engines.


SEO services include research to determine which keywords are best for the website to target, how to present those keywords and other related content in the best way for search engines, identifying and correcting any technical issues that are impeding proper search engine indexing, and improving the website’s reputation as judged by inbound links and social media signals.


Anything worth doing is worth measuring. But measuring results is only the first step; if you don't make use of the data you gather in a quick and efficient way, you're missing out on profitable gains. Our team of experts will develop a measurement plan specifically tailored to your goals. We know how to efficiently track and measure KPIs (key performance indicators) that equal profit for you. We also provide detailed, yet easy to understand analysis because, how you're going to do is even more important than how you did.