Data Protection, Backup, and Recovery

As the business world becomes more and more data-driven, the consequences of lost or compromised data become even more catastrophic. Enterprises face a wide variety of information security threats, including malware, human error, natural disasters, and hardware failure. When disaster strikes, businesses incur the unforgiving costs of downtime and data loss. Without the right network security plan, getting up and running again can take hours, or even days.

At Feynman Group, we provide enterprises with the finest network security solutions across Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon. In order to equip large businesses with best plan to avoid costly data disasters, we’ve teamed up with an industry leader in backup and recovery—Datto.

Datto SIRIS 3: Network Security for Your Enterprise

To meet the growing need for a comprehensive enterprise network security plan, Datto launched SIRIS 3. This platform delivers total data protection in one fully integrated package. SIRIS 3 provides enterprises with reliable backups, quick restoration, and superior recovery times. Under its protection, server images are collected, managed, virtualized, restored, and booted so that businesses can avoid the consequences of any data disaster.

Data Backup, Restoration, and Business Continuity

With Datto SIRIS 3, your data is automatically backed up to a local device at a scheduled time. It provides image-based backup by capturing a complete picture of the protected workstation or server, replicating it, and transferring it to the secure Datto Cloud. SIRIS 3 even employs screenshot backup verification to give you visual proof that your data has been successfully backed up, so you can find peace of mind knowing that your invaluable business information is safely protected.

It’s easy to lose files—by deleting them, overwriting them, or hardware failure. Luckily, it’s easier to restore them with SIRIS 3. It allows you to recover data fast and from multiple points in time with just the click of a button.

The business continuity capabilities of SIRIS 3 give you the upper hand on data disasters. Avoid the harsh consequences of downtime with its Hybrid Virtualization Options, which virtualize your protected systems so that your business can continue to operate normally in case of a disaster.

Datto SIRIS 3 Models

Datto offers three different SIRIS 3 models: hardware, virtual, and imaged. With any SIRIS 3 model, you can pick from a wide variety of cloud storage retention options. At Feynman Group, our expert team can help you choose the ideal package for your business.

Are you a smaller business looking for data protection? Then check out how the Datto ALTO line can offer premium data security to smaller organizations.

Datto SIRIS 3 provides excellence in technology, service, and support. With SIRIS 3, your business can bounce back from any data disaster. To learn more about how this Datto product can benefit your business, give us a call today!