Small-Scale Collaboration with Cisco

Better Collaboration, Better Business.

If your business is looking for a better way to conduct small-scale collaboration deployments, look no further than the Cisco Business Edition 6000S. This particular model is perfect for smaller business spaces that are looking for a basic, user-friendly Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications solution.

With the BE 6000S, your business gains a combination of five fixed collaboration applications, including the following:

  • Call Control with Cisco Unified CM
  • Messaging with Cisco Unity Connection
  • IM and Presence with Cisco Jabber
  • Paging with Cisco Paging Server
  • Provisioning with Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning

All of these abilities are connected to one single Cisco Server and utilize Cisco Unified Communications Virtualization Hypervisor Plus software. The BE 6000S model covers all of the bases while keeping it simple for your small-scale collaboration by providing call control, messaging, IM, presence, paging, and provisioning. This Business Edition 6000 product can handle up to 150 system users, so you can keep everyone in the loop. It can also support up to 150 mailboxes, 24 voicemail ports, 150 presence users, and up to 300 devices. Plus, thanks to preinstalled virtualization hypervisor and preloaded software, this product is ready to use upon delivery and it’s a breeze to install.

Feynman Group has partnered with Cisco to deliver superior IT products to businesses across Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon. Our professional team of IT experts is ready to help you explore which Cisco Business Edition 6000 Series product is best for your business. Give us a call today and take the first step toward better business collaboration.