Video Collaboration

with the Cisco SX20 Quick Set.

Video collaboration provides serious business value. You get the benefits of an in-person meeting—face-to-face communication, boosted productivity, and a personal touch—without the steep travel costs and time sacrifices. And thanks to Cisco’s TelePresence SX20 Quick Set, this valuable business tool now comes at a price that is within reach for your small- or medium-sized business.

The SX20 Quick Set is a video collaboration product that delivers high-definition video conferencing capabilities perfectly suited for small- and medium-sized spaces. You can easily turn any flat panel display into an impressive telepresence system with premium resolution and multiparty conferencing abilities—without breaking the budget.

This feature-packed product boasts a sleek, compact design and is a breeze to set up. In fact, you can start a meeting or share multimedia presentations with just the press of a button. With Cisco MultiSite technology, you can expand the meeting by adding three more participants to a call. Plus, you can easily share content wirelessly to mobile devices and Macs or PCs.

The Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set includes the following:

  • SX20 or SX20N Codec
  • Cisco TelePresence Table Microphone
  • Remote control
  • Cables
  • Power Supply
  • Cisco TelePresence Precision Camera: choose between the Precision 40 Camera and the PrecisionHD 12x Camera.

This product also offers a series of optional features. The Cisco TelePresence Touch10 gives you the power to effortlessly control lights, room dividers, and curtains directly from the device (this requires external third-party control system processor). You can also opt for the wall mount kit, or an additional microphone.

The Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set delivers exceptional video communications at a modest price. Feynman Group is proud to offer this product to Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon businesses that are looking to build a more collaborative work environment. Whether you’re just starting out with telepresence or looking to expand it throughout your organization, give our expert team a call today to find the perfect IT solution for your business.

Camera Options Overview
Precision 40 Camera PrecisionHD 12x Camera
8x zoom (4x optical plus digital) 12x optical zoom
Motorized +15°/-25°tilt, +/- 90°pan Motorized +15°/-25°tilt, +/- 90°pan
43.5° vertical field of view 43.5° vertical field of view
70° horizontal field of view 72° horizontal field of view
F 1.7 F 1.7
1920 x 1080 pixels progressive at 60 fps
Automatic or manual focus, brightness, and white balance
Far-end camera control
Dual HDMI/Camera control HDMI, HD-SDI output, and daisy chain
Upside-down mounting, manual picture flip Upside-down mounting, picture flips automatically
Focus distance 0.3 m - infinity