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Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

If you have multiple businesses or several product lines, each with their own website, a Virtual Private Server may be right for you. Virtual Private Server hosting (also referred to as VPS, or Virtual Dedicated Serving) can be a more cost-effective and efficient way to manage your online presence, and nobody does it better than Feynman Group.

Virtual Private Server hosting partitions a single physical server into multiple servers, each dedicated to your different individual sites, with the appearance and capabilities of running on their own machine. You can keep the functionality and privacy of a normal physical computer, without having to buy new equipment or pay for additional hosting. Each virtual server can run its very own full-fledged operating system, which allows for a higher level of customizable configurations to meet your business’ unique requirements. Better yet, each server can be independently rebooted. And the advantages of VPS don’t end there—this method makes it easier than ever to host and manage multiple websites.

Here at Feynman Group, we offer two top-notch Virtual Private Server solutions: Linux and Microsoft. Our professionals, armed with years of expertise, are prepared to determine which is going to best meet your particular needs. We have dedicated ourselves to helping businesses throughout Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon integrate technology that can help them meet their full potential, and VPS is just one way to advance your business. When you partner with Feynman Group, you can ensure that your VPS hosting is being managed by the very best. To optimize your server operations and start saving money with Virtual Private Servers, call our team today!