Web Design

Brilliant Code, Beautiful Design.

McKenzie River

Your online presence is an invaluable marketing tool. It says a lot about your business, so you want that message to be good. But creating an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and dependably secure website can be an incredibly challenging task. That’s where Feynman Group comes in.

We combine the artistry of careful design and the functionality of technological expertise to create websites that wow your audience. But we don’t just provide a top-notch final product—we also make the entire design experience enjoyable and engaging for you. Here at Feynman Group, we have strategically divided the development process into five key phases.


In this first phase, we clearly organize and define our objectives for your new website. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your target audience, information architecture, specific features, and more.

Graphic Design

Using what information we’ve gathered during our analysis, we then craft the site’s overall aesthetic. Components like navigation, page layout, and user interface highly determine the quality of a user’s experience.


Once our designs, features, and user interface elements are approved, we begin creating the framework that brings your website to life. Here, we develop the HTML, CSS, and CMS (Content Management System) which will provide a rock-solid foundation for your site.

Content Development

All of the pieces come together in this step. The content for your new website is integrated and our team carefully refines all elements to perfection.

Site Launch

The final phase of our website development process involves rigorous testing, approval, and training. We ensure that the site functions flawlessly, verify that all content is correct, and teach the members of your staff how to manage your new site.

Feynman Group is proud to provide superior website hosting and development services for businesses throughout Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon. If you’re looking to refine your brand, expand your customer base, or boost e-commerce, then a high-quality website is a fantastic first step. Give our team of professional web developers a call today to learn more about how our web design services can benefit your business!