Web Design

Beautiful design begins with brilliant code

McKenzie River

Elegance in design requires calculated development. Your website stands out when all of its pieces harmonize. At Feynman Group, we have carefully crafted our strategic development process into 5 key phases.

1 Analysis

In the first phase, we clearly organize and define our objectives. These include aspects such as target audience, information architecture, specific features, and more.

2 Graphic Design

Using all information obtained through our analysis, we address the overall aesthetic of the site. Components such as navigation, page layout, and user interface critically affect the way users will interact with your page.

3 Development

When all of our designs, features, and user interface elements are approved, we begin creating the framework which will bring your website to life. Here, we develop the HTML, CSS, and CMS (Content Management System) which will provide a rock-solid foundation to your website.

4 Content Development

All of the pieces fit together in this step. Your content is integrated and refined into the foundation we have built.

5 Site Launch

The final phase of our process involves rigorous testing, approval, and training. We confirm the site functions perfectly on all ends, verify that all content is correct, and ensure the necessary members of your staff understand how to manage your new site.