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Worried About Your WordPress Website?

WordPress has proven to be an immensely popular open source software platform with a fast-growing user base. Although it’s an easy and efficient way to customize a website for your business, WordPress is also prone to a series of dangerous security threats. Websites using WordPress are vulnerable if they’re not properly kept up-to-date, and a third party plug-in could be leading to additional security flaws as well. When your WordPress site isn’t fully defended, valuable customer data and information is there for the taking. The harsh reality is that ongoing cyber-attacks are a fact of life online, and failing to take the right security precautions could mean disaster for your business.

Free Website Security Audits with Feynman Group

These problems magnify the importance of vigilant screening and keeping your site updated. That’s why here at Feynman group, we’re offering Eugene, Salem, and Portland, Oregon businesses free website security audits. We will scan your website for any vulnerabilities, carefully analyze the results, and reach out to you with an official report of our findings. Finally, our expert developers will give you their professional recommendations for the next steps to properly secure your WordPress website. All at absolutely no cost to you.

Our developers are ready to evaluate your website’s security and prepared to offer tailored solutions to your business technology problems. Don’t press your luck with WordPress. Fill out the contact form below to request your free website security audit today!

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